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Universal Credit Otaku (physical)

Chris Michael

Can someone become a fan of a welfare state initiative similar to the way some fanaticise and romanticise pop-cultural entities such as bands, comic books and movie stars? Universal Credit Otaku is a tour of otaku level fanaticism for a lost welfare state through examples of British New Towns, Basildon’s own Depeche Mode and their deep fandom in post-soviet Eastern Europe. Written by Chris Michael and illustrated throughout by Jo Baaklini. Published by Metafauna. Includes access to updated digital EPUB and PDF versions.

  • ISBN 978-1-9160856-9-5

  • Paperback
    120 x 165mm
  • Pages
  • Illustrations
    16 b/w
  • Publish date
    May 2019
  • Published by
  • Editions
  • ISBN 978-1-9160856-9-5
  • Paperback120 x 165mm
  • Pages132
  • Illustrations16 b/w
  • Publish dateMay 2019
  • Published byMetafauna
  • Editions100
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Universal Credit Otaku (physical)

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